Jaguar beach cleaner

The most compact and maneuverable cleaning machine of its category.

Tracked, self-propelled, versatile

The “Jaguar” beach cleaner is the upgraded version of our innovative beach cleaning machines. Our new model is tracked and self-propelled and more versatile than ever before.

Features of the “Jaguar” model include:

  • 100% hydraulic drive with triple pump;
  • hot-dip galvanized chassis;
  • rubber tracks;
  • larger front blade;
  • 13 hp Honda engine which runs on unleaded petrol;
  • electric starter;
  • independent drive tracks with 2 monoblock distributors;
  • monoblock ignition distributor;
  • safety device for the shutdown of the engine;
  • safety key for the removal of the battery;
  • rear tow hitch.

This beach cleaner is also the first of its kind to have an internal sifting screen integrated. This drastically reduces the operating space, the storage space and the management of the machine.

Unlike our competitor’s machines, the “Jaguar” model has a longer and hydraulically driven sifter. This sifter enables you to clean the beach under all conditions, including wet sand and large amounts of debris.

Technical details (PDF)

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Engine Honda 13 HP
Power Supply Unleaded Petrol
Starter electric
Transmission 3 Hydraulic Pumps
Dimensions 145 x 200 x 115 cm
Weight 475 kg
Working width 90 cm


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