Lion beach cleaner

High performances

The evolution

The “Lion” beach cleaner is the upgraded version of our “Tiger One Plus” beach cleaner. Our new model is more versatile than ever before.

Features of the “Lion” model include:

  • 100% hydraulic drive with triple pump;
  • hot-dip galvanized chassis;
  • rubber tracks and wider track-gauge;
  • wider front blade;
  • cutting-edge 20 hp Honda engine with two cylinders which runs on unleaded petrol;
  • electric starter;
  • independent drive tracks with 2 monoblock distributors;
  • monoblock ignition distributor with 4 levers and two hydraulic power takeoffs in the back for the attaching of equipment;
  • safety device for the shutdown of the engine;
  • safety key for the removal of the battery;
  • rear tow hitch;
  • two rapid couplers (forward and backward for the coupling of equipment).

This beach cleaner has a working width of maximum 1300 mm and a working depth of maximum 150 mm.

Technical details (PDF)

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Engine Honda 20 HP
Power Supply benzina verde
Dimensions 150 x 90 x 95 cm
Weight 510 kg
Sifting Screen 110-130 x 120 cm


The “Lion“ beach cleaner can be equipped with the following products.

Multifunction trailers

The multifunction trailer is particularly recommended for the carrying of sunloungers, umbrellas, and trays. The dumping bed can be manually lifted up and easily carry all kinds of debris after the cleaning of the beach.

  • Dimensions: 100 x 140 x 30
  • Payload Capacity: 500 kg
  • Semi-Tilter Manual

Multifunction forks

Our multifunction forks are particularly recommended for the handling of vases, flower boxes, and trays. They are also the best solution to shift equipment of a maximum weight of 200 kg. Our multifunction forks have a rapid coupling and uncoupling system, thus you can attach and remove them very quickly.

  • Forks Length: 50 cm
  • Lifting: Hydraulic
  • Maximum Lifting Weight: 200 kg

Seaweed rakes

Use your very own seaweed rake to comb the sand and collect post-tidal weeds and debris. The seaweed rake for beach cleaner can also easily aerate the sand of seaside resorts.

  • Rake Width: 120 cm
  • Prong Length: 20 cm
  • Starter: Hydraulic

Post-Hole Auger

A post-hole auger is the best solution to quickly install your umbrella shaft into the sand. This post-hole auger can be attached to the beach cleaner and it drills holes with maximum diameter of 120 mm and maximum depth of 1 m. Its operation is extremely easy, accurate, and fast.

  • Drilling diameter: 120 mm
  • Drilling depth: 1 m
  • Starter: Hydraulic
  • Rotation: Reversible

Loader Bucket

You can now transform your standard front blade into your very own loader bucket with our special mounting kit. The loader bucket is very easy to install and use. It is also particularly recommended for both short and medium shifting of the sand and the management of beach volley courts, strands, and shorelines hit by storms.

  • Width: 95 cm
  • Maximum Dump Height: 110 cm
  • Payload Capacity: 200 kg
  • Bucket Volume: 0,05 m3


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